How to Reset Your SYLVANIA SMART+ Bulb or Accessory - YouTube Hi, @andy_altman. A C by GE smart bulb, the internet's latest punching bag. Multicolor (2700-6500K color temperature) for choices, no hub required. How to Revive Your Smart Light Settings After a Power Outage. To perform a manual reset of this smart bulb model you have to start with the LED off. Make sure to go through the steps to reset the bulb so it can be discovered. Welcome to the community! In it, GE demonstrates how to manually reset one of its Bluetooth smart bulbs by turning the switch on and off five times -- 8 seconds on, 2 seconds off, repeat. Restart Discovery. But that context matters. I could pair my 4 other bulbs without any problem. Globe Smart Bulbs: Power on device. Lenovo Inc. View View. However now SmartThings can’t detect it. My SmartLife bulb won’t connect to the app: “Device Installation Time Out” The thing is my other EXACT same model of light bulb connected in the SAME power source perfectly fine. To reset the Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs without losing the configuration settings: 1. Flip the light switch on and off 5 times Setup Configurations- Lenovo Smart Plug & Bulb FAQs. In the future all you would have to do is press one button (Restore Configuration) to restore and fix any issue without having to apply the trouble shooting steps above. As soon as the bulb dims and goes back to full brightness it has been reset. It's a nice option to have, and also easier for manufacturers to implement than putting a physical reset switch on the bulb. © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Then try adding it. To reset your bulb, turn it on for one second and off for one second, three consecutive times. Using wall switches to turn off the bulb is not recommended, as it may cause compatibility issues or reset the bulb to factory settings. The Smart Wi-Fi Light may not have power to it, make sure the wall switch or breaker is in the On position. Commentary: Yes, GE's tutorial video is cringey -- but being able to reset your smart bulbs using the light switch is a good thing. TCP confirms that each LED bulb is more economical as it uses 80 percent less power than a traditional incandescent bulb. Use your light switch to turn on and off the Smart Bulb for 5 times in a row (Please keep a time interval of 1~2 seconds when turning on or off the light) and make sure the light is ON for the last time. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it to reset. The interface on my Android app had the exclamation point next to it. Turn the bulb ON for 1 second 3. Turn the light on for 3 seconds and then turn the light off for 3 seconds. Never seems to work until I really slow down slower than I think really should work. Turn it off/on five times in quick succession where off/on counts as one time. Flip the light off and on five times at intervals of about two seconds.