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SSFS undertakes all important aspects relating to technical, commercial, economic and management appraisal of projects to judge their sustainable viability. SSFS has cutting edge capabilities in the appraisal of large projects and has over the years earned reputation in appraisal of these projects, which are well accepted in the banking industry. Project Appraisal Department (PAD) has a dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals with domain knowledge in the infrastructure and other major industry sectors, including technical, financial, legal and financial disciplines, to carry out appraisal of large infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects.

Besides availing loan facilities for implementing projects the corporate approach SSFS for undertaking detailed appraisal of their projects to finalize their decisions in bidding for new projects, assets acquisition, business plans or disinvestments decisions.

*Conditions apply: Loans are at the sole discretion of Finance Companies and are subject to guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India. SSFS may engage the services of marketing agents for the purpose of sourcing loan assets in certain locations.

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